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We saved over $200 million in hidden fees and overcharges for our 11,000+ merchants, without switching their payment processors since we started in 2005.   

You can save you up to $3,300 on every $10,000 you pay in fees, depending on how much you are being overcharged.

Pinnacle Payment Experts on Your Side

Your overpayments to your current processor cannot be recovered; However, we can help you to stop overpaying now without switching! Start Saving Today!

We handle everything from A-Z

1.  Contact us today for a free consultation and we will handle it all without any major effort on your part.

2. We will provide you with you your monthly and annual savings information and our proposed compensation fee information. 

3. After you save then we get compensated for limited time, via an agreed upon percentage of the savings.

  No Upfront Fees, 100% Risk Free.

If you prefer to switch, We still guarantee* to reduce your merchant fees by up to 33%

If you prefer to switch, we enable you to save by utilizing our coalition referral code and to process directly with the Lowest Wholesale Merchant Pricing that we secured from 5 of the top 8 processors, from #1 processor WorldPay, #2 First Data, #5 Global, #6 Wells Fargo Bank, or #8 TSYS.

We secured Lowest Wholesale Rates from 5 of the top 8 processors as low as 0.01% Discount Rate and 0.005 Authorization Fee (that is only half a cent) you qualify for this pricing when you process a required minimum volume.

Contact Us by 01/31/2019 To Get 50% Off Our Compensation Fee. Start Saving!

Put our 11,000 merchant coalition power to work for you. Your over-payments to your current processor cannot be recovered; however, we can help you stop overpaying now without switching! We guarantee* up to 33% Saving.

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